Family Calendar

Family Calendar Features

The KitchenHub family calendar allows you to schedule all your family's appointments with ease and to view your family schedule by day, week or month with color coded calendar appointments so you instantly see who is doing what and when.

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Weekly Family Calendar

Shared Family Calendars

  • Supports multiple calendars per user.
  • Allows multiple people per appointment, all color coded - just click the people to be included.
  • Create separate personal, business, school or any other kind of calendar for each person.
Family Calendar Appointment

Create Single and Repeating Calendar Appointments

  • Single appointments for one off events.
  • Repeating events for weekly, monthly or yearly repeating events.
  • Add all your birthday and special dates as repeating appointments and never miss another anniversary.
Monthly Family Calendar

View Your Family Calendars In Different Ways

  • View a combined family calendar or with just a single click switch to viewing just one person's appointments.
  • The KitchenHub home screen shows you your daily agenda for the next few days so you always know what events are about to occur.
  • The weekly calendar shows you your appointments for the next seven days.
  • Use the monthly calendar view to see your family appointments a month at a time.
  • Quickly flick back and forward through your calendar, week by week or month by month.

Subscribe To iCalendars

  • Subscribe to publicly available iCalendars.
  • iCalendar appointments are seamlessly combined into your family calendar.
  • Public iCalendars available for public holidays, sports events, cinema times, tv schedules and lots more.