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Family Calendar

Wednesday March 30, 2011 by Richard

The family calendar is at the heart of the KitchenHub Family Organizer. The multi-user, color coded, easy to use calendar allows you to keep track and plan all your family's activities and appointments. You can create single and repeating appointments, synchronize to your online calendar and view and print your daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Here are a few tips for using the KitchenHub family calendar to make your life simpler and more organized.


Creating new appointments is simple and fast. Select the date and time, enter a description, select who the appointment is for and click Save. Unlike other online family calendars, KitchenHub allows you have any number of family members for the same appointment.

Family Calendar Single Appointment

Repeating Appointments

As well as creating individual events, KitchenHub also allows you to add family appointments that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. To create a repeating appointment, enter the details as for a single appointment then click the "Repeats" radio button. The repeating details are then displayed where you can select when and how often the appointment is to reoccur. You can schedule your appointments to repeat until a certain date or you can let them repeat forever.

Family Calendat Repeating Appointment

Birthdays & Anniversaries

When you add your friend's and family's details to the KitchenHub address book, you can also enter birthdays and anniversaries (or any other date) and these dates will automatically be added to your family calendar. These address book appointments are shown with a special symbol so you can easily tell them apart from your regular appointments. You can choose which symbol is shown from the Settings screen.

Birthday Appointment


Another really useful feature is support for iCalendars. iCalendars allow you to subscribe to publicly available calendars for things like public holidays, sports schedules, school holidays and much more. For a great list of available iCalendars take a look at iCalShare.com

Google Calendar iCalendar

Printable Calendars

As convenient and great looking as the KitchenHub calendars are, there are still times when you may want to print a paper copy of your family calendar. KitchenHub gives you plenty of options for printing your calendars allowing you to print a daily schedule, a weekly family calendar or a monthly family calendar. Just select the calendar that you want to print on the screen and then click the Print button.

Printable Calendar

We think you'll agree that the family calendar is a great way to help simplify, manage and organize your family life. It's just one of the many great features in KitchenHub which also includes to do lists, address book, multi-user family email, shopping list, recipe organizer and sticky notes.

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