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The best recipe organizer just got better

Wednesday March 23, 2011 by Richard

We've add some great new features to the recipe organizer in the latest release of the KitchenHub Family Calendar & Organizer making it even easier to plan your family's meals.


You can now add a photo to a recipe so you can remember just how great your food looked. Photos can be added from any file on your computer or you can paste in a photo that you have copied, for example, from another web site. Once the photo has been added, you can crop and scale it by simply dragging and resizing using the image crop tool.

Recipe Organizer


You can now give your recipes a rating from zero to five stars. You can also include a rating when searching for recipes. You'll soon find out just which meals your kids really like.

Recipe Ratings

Adding Ingredients to Shopping Lists

KitchenHub has a great grocery list feature but until now if you wanted to add the ingredients of a recipe to your shopping list then you had to copy and paste each entry one by one. Not any more. We've added a new shopping basket button which allows you to add all the ingredients of a recipe to your shopping list in one go.

Of course you may not want all of the ingredients to be added, after all you probably already have salt and pepper in your store cupboard, so KitchenHub first displays all the ingredients in a pop up window and allows you to select exactly which ingredients should be added to your shopping list. You can also amend the description of any of the ingredients so they are more appropriate for your shopping list.

Add Ingredients To Shopping List

Print Recipes

This was one of your most requested features. We've add recipe printing so you can now print a copy for your cookbook or pass a recipe on to your friends or family.

Print Recipe

Email Recipes

You can now email your recipes to other people. Simply click the email button on the recipe screen and a new email will be created with the recipe already filled in. Just add an email address, any extra comments and send.

Email Recipe

We think KitchenHub has one of the best recipe organizers and offers more features than many other standalone recipe programs and cookbook software applications. And that's on top of all the other great features included such as the family calendar, to do lists, address book, multi-user family email, sticky notes and shopping list.

As ever, we are always looking for new ways to make KitchenHub the best family organization application so if you have any suggestions then please let us know.

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