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The best family calendar just got a little better

Wednesday March 16, 2011 by Richard

We've added more features to the family calendar in the KitchenHub Family Planner and Organizer making it faster, easier and more useful than ever.

Agenda Calendar

In addition to the monthly calendar and weekly calendar we've added a new agenda calendar showing your daily agenda for the next two months. This is similar to the view of the calendar you see on the home screen but uses more of the screen so you can see more details including your appointment end times.

Daily Calendar

We've added a new daily calendar that shows you just the appointments for a single day, again allowing you to see more of your information, all in one view.

Improved Selection of Appointment Start and End Times

We've changed the appointment start and end time dropdowns to make it faster and easier to select times, so you should need less scrolling to get your desired time. In addition we now also display the appointment length in the end time dropdown to make selecting the end time easier.

Faster, Easier Access to your Family Appointments

You can now delete an appointment without having to open it first. Simply select an appointment by clicking the small user colored square to the left of the description then click the Delete button that appears to the right to finish the action with a single click. Repeating family appointments will prompt you whether to delete the entire series or just the individual appointment.

Calendar Printing

We've added a new print preview feature so you can see beforehand exactly how your printable family calendar will look. We've added a start time to the daily calendar and weekly calendar so you can fit all your important appointments onto one page. The agenda calendar also allows you to select the number of days of your family agenda to print as well as the option to include the appointment descriptions.

We think KitchenHub has the best, easiest to use family calendar planner and is a great way to help you to manage your busy family schedule. And don't forget that KitchenHub also helps you to organize your family to do lists, email, address book, shopping lists, recipes, sticky notes and more. We're always looking for new ways to improve KitchenHub so if you have any comments or suggestions then please let us know!

Find out more about how to keep on top of your busy family life with a free 30 day trial of the KitchenHub Family Planner and Organizer. today.

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